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Short Sale

Charles W. Siragusa will do whatever is needed to accomplish the task for which you retained him – to close on a Chicagoland area short sale, for both buyers and sellers.

What is a Short Sale?

A short sale is the process that occurs when a seller sells their home for an amount which is less than the amount of the mortgage on their home.

There are several steps involved in short sales that differentiate them from other real estate transactions. For instance, the lender who holds the mortgage on the property must consent to the initiation of the short sale, and approve of the details of the final sale. For buyers, purchasing a short sale will typically mean negotiating with the homeowner and their real estate agent, and then seeking approval of the purchase from the mortgage company.

Selling a Short Sale

Learn about the details of short sales as they impact sellers, including such information as why a seller might want to seek a short sale, and an overview of problems that may arise during the short sale process.

Buying a Short Sale

Learn more about the potential reasons to attempt to buy a “short sale” home, as well as some of the challenges and obstacles that may make buying a short sale home the wrong fit for you.