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Reasons to Retain an Attorney – Selling

Charles W. Siragusa will do whatever is needed to accomplish the task for which you hired him – to close on the sale of your property, and obtain the maximum amount possible for you at closing.

Reasons to Retain Charles W. Siragusa When You Sell Your Home

When you sell your home, Charles W. Siragusa will take action including:

Preparing Closing Documents

When you sell your home in Chicago, Cicero, Oak Park, or any area in Illinois, an attorney must prepare the documents needed to close on the transaction.  Neither your realtor nor anyone other than an experienced real estate attorney can prepare the documents for the sale of your home. Charles W. Siragusa can prepare these documents so that they are completed properly and on time to complete the transaction.

Responding to Buyer’s Inspection Requirements

The contract has an “inspection contingency,” generally in paragraph 14, which gives the buyer the right to retain a home inspector to inspect all portions of your home. Almost always, the buyer will retain a home inspector who will prepare a written report describing many supposed repairs that should be made to your home.  The buyer’s attorney will then ask that these repairs be made, or that you provide the buyer a significant reduction in the purchase price of your home.

Your realtor will not, and should not, negotiate with the buyer’s attorney regarding the buyer’s demand for such repairs or a reduction in the purchase price. You need Charles Siragusa on your side to vigorously represent your interests in responding to the demands of the buyer’s attorney – some of which may be unreasonable or improper.

Knowing That The Buyer’s Lender Is Moving Promptly

Frequently, events will occur that could delay the closing, which are the fault of the buyer or his lender. The buyer may not be providing all of the necessary documents to his lender to obtain the mortgage loan by the closing date, for instance. In other cases, the buyer’s lender may not be moving promptly to provide the mortgage loan by the closing date.

You need Charles W. Siragusa to make sure that the buyer is doing everything needed to obtain his mortgage loan and the buyer’s lender is moving promptly to have the mortgage loan ready.

Meeting Deadlines in the Contract

There are deadlines in the contract that the buyer must comply with if the transaction is to close on the closing date in the contract.  Frequently, the buyer’s attorney will ask for extensions of these deadlines, such as the mortgage or inspection contingencies in the contract.  Charles W. Siragusa can help you decide if you should agree to the buyer’s request for an extension of the mortgage or inspection contingencies.


Our fee includes EVERYTHING from beginning to end.

Our Fee

At only $99, our fee is less than any other attorney in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Closing the Sale

Charles W. Siragusa will manage the acceptance date, the buyer’s deposit of earnest money, the buyer’s inspection requests, the buyer’s attorney’s modification rights, and the buyer’s mortgage contingency.