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Our Fee – Selling

Our Fee

Our fee for selling services is only $99, and, most importantly, you pay our fee only if you close on the sale of your home.  This fee is paid at the  time of closing from the sales proceeds.

Our Services

Our fee includes everything involved in the real estate transaction process from beginning to end – including, but not limited to, negotiating the contract with the buyer’s attorney, solving any problems that might delay or prevent the closing, preparing all of the documents for the closing and representing you at the closing, while being present and communicative to respond to any questions you may have along the way. 

Reasons to Retain Charles W. Siragusa

Charles W. Siragusa will prepare the closing documents, respond to the buyer’s inspection requests, respond to the buyer’s attorney’s contract modification requests, prevent a delay of the closing date, and manage any deadlines in the contract. Charles has the education, credentials, legal experience, and practical experience you need to represent you as a seller of real estate in the Chicago metropolitan area. He has extensive experience reviewing and modifying real estate sale contracts for sellers and buyers, having represented many individuals who have sold their home in Cook, Lake and DuPage counties.

Closing the Sale

Charles W. Siragusa will manage the acceptance date, the buyer’s deposit of earnest money, the buyer’s inspection requests, the buyer’s attorney’s modification rights, and the buyer’s mortgage contingency.