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Considering retaining an attorney to buy or sell your home in the Chicagoland metropolitan area? Charles W. Siragusa answers some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) to consider:

When Should I Call An Attorney?

You should retain an experienced real estate attorney before you sign a contract to sell or buy your home, because:

  • A legal professional can provide important information about the contract you are about to sign.
  • Your real estate lawyer can work with your realtor to make sure you know what to expect, and what you will need to do to complete the transaction.

The sooner you retain an attorney the sooner he can answer your questions and solve any problems that may arise.  Call Charles W. Siragusa as soon as you know you are going to sell your home or buy a home, so that he can assist you in your transaction and work with your realtor.  Best of all, his fee is the same regardless of when you contact him about your real estate transaction.

Can’t My Realtor Handle Everything?

It’s important to keep in mind that your real estate broker cannot handle all aspects of your real estate transaction, and will tell you to get an attorney.

You must have an attorney to prepare the extensive list of necessary documents to sell your home. As a buyer, you need an attorney to negotiate with the seller’s attorney regarding the repairs your home inspector will find in the home you are about to buy. Call Charles W. Siragusa so that he can represent only your interests, either as a buyer or  as a seller.

Aren’t All the Documents ‘Standard?’

You will be signing a so-called “standard” form contract that your realtor customarily uses for all transactions; but it is designed to protect the seller.

The so-called “standard” form contract does not have various provisions that will protect you as a buyer, or which are unique to your needs for the particular home that you are buying.  You need an attorney to help determine the specific changes that should be made to the so-called “standard” form contract. Such changes will take care of your unique needs for the particular home you are buying.  As a buyer, you need an attorney to negotiate with the seller’s attorney regarding the seller making the repairs described in your home inspector’s report. Even better, an attorney may be able to obtain a reduction in the purchase price instead of the repairs being made.

Won’t the Attorney Create Problems?

Charles W. Siragusa’s goal is to do whatever is necessary to close the transaction – not to create obstacles to the closing. But not all real estate attorneys are cut from the same cloth. Some attorneys, like Charles, will:

  • Pay more attention to all the details of the transaction
  • Be more efficient at solving any problems that may arise, and
  • Be more responsive to you as the client

As your attorney, Charles W. Siragusa’s goals are to make the transaction as easy as possible; and close the transaction as scheduled, on the terms most favorable to you.